Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Making it round

The method that Arch Davis described for working a square piece of wood into a round one worked great.  I got to use my Jack Plane, a spokeshave and a sureform.
Drawing reference lines around the circumference of the mast, every 6 inches or so let me see how much wood I had taken off and then I just matched it on all faces of the new sides I'd planed.
square becomes round
this mast is way to thick for the boat.  I am shaping it down to a much smaller dimension.  I really like the wood, knots and all.  It should look great with some varnish.
Round becomes tapered

a stick becomes a mast

Seems short doesn't it?  
The nice thing about the sprit rig is that the mast can be short because the sprit will add the needed height.  I am wanting to build the sail to need a boom just because I think the dimensions of such a sail will look really nice on this boat.
Since the boat is a little tender, a low but longer sail seems the better choice.

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