Monday, April 30, 2012


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While doing what boat builders are said to do a lot of, just sitting in a comfortable chair looking at the boat and mulling over ideas, lines and why one is so obsessed with boats, I noticed that I was bothered by something in the line the risers followed.  After taking some measurements I decided to adjust the riser so it follow the sheer line of the boat at the gunwale, instead of at the bottom chine as it had.  This helped make things seem pleasing when I looked at the boat.

The next thing I noticed was that the boat now had the same basic color pattern as a previous boat I had owned.  It was a 17 footer that I got for free from somebody on Long Island who wanted it out of his driveway.  It was a project boat and that was great as it allowed me to do the project with my son, who was very young at the time and hardly interested in work, but tolerated sailing well as he knew I liked it.  He was a good sailor, though he seemed only mildly interested in it.  "Whisper" was the name of this sloop rigged centerboard day sailor that was built by the Sailstar Corporation, if I remember correctly.  So while sitting and staring at this new little boat I saw the resemblance and decided on it's name.  As a diminutive boat to Whisper so goes the name, "WHISP".

Having recognized the relationship of the two boats I am even more inclined to make a sailing rig for "Whisp".

Should my son ever desire, "Whisp" will be here for him, and until then I hope to put her to good use.

The decks are attached, screwed and glued but still needing to be caulked at the seam and a final coat of paint(maybe with nonskid),  and the bulkheads are getting their finish paint today.

I am very tempted to put her in the water just to see how she sits, warm weather gets me anxious, but I would be better off to wait I am sure.

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