Friday, April 13, 2012


With the warm weather I rolled the skiff outside and put on a layer of primer (or 2) on the inside.  I found some Acrylic primer in the shop and am using this.  2 coats.  I will look for a very glossy house paint for the interior.  I thing the natural cedar floors will keep it from being to bright.

It is a big step as this means that the construction part of the boat is basically over and now we are on the finishing process.
 I will still put an epoxy fillet and fiberglass tab on the keel to give it a little more integrity.
 The boat is definitely gained some weight with the addition of the keel and the glass.
 A little trolley, kayak wheelies, is now the most sensible way of moving the skiff.
 I need to decide on the finish of the side panels.  The interior will be white or varnished or oiled.  I'd like to keep the gunwales varnished or oiled as well as the stem and the transom but I am not sure about the topsides.  I am considering red???!!! with a white bottom.  I think I am inspired by the Colin Archer lifeboats.  I'd like it not to be to precious and a little bit fun.  So, maybe red.
It is starting to feel a bit strange and exciting.  Maybe a month away from launching.

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