Wednesday, August 13, 2014

cabinet maker?

For the past two days I have been enjoying working on Waneeshee's galley arrangement.  My Bristol 27 came with the standard cruising model set up, the galley under the companionway athwart ship with the icebox to starboard, sink, and then stove to port.  Since I opened up the passage going aft so as to access all the storage space under the cockpit I have not settled on a new galley arrangement that made me happy, but I think I have found a set up that will.

I have taken the sink and move it forward of the stove on the port side.  This arrangement will leave the port side berth available, but the settee will no be only capable for seating one person between the sink and the wood stove.
The sink is elevated so as to keep the plumbing from blocking the berth and also to make the sink a comfortable working height when standing.  Because of the elevated sink counter, the stove area is now in a well of sorts and this will add to the security of the pots and pans and such.  With this arrangement I can actually stand up and cook,  which is much more natural for me than sitting.

Building the new sink counter was a new step for me in two ways.  Firstly, I am not using any power tools for the job.  I have been inspired by the many fine carpenters I have read of, and seen on videos on Youtube.  I am no where near the skills that these men posses but I can only get there by trying.  The joy of not hearing the whine of power tools is great for me and the extra time needed for each cut, for each hole drilled, and for every measurement taken is helping me to be more precise and patient.

So far this counter/cabinet is probably the tightest, strongest joinery I have every done.  No glue, yet, just screws and even so it is all solid.  I will use some glue after I have got all of the assembly worked out, then I will unscrew it all and glue it up and refasten it.

So far, all the materials are reclaimed.  I'd like to keep it that way, but I may have to buy a piece of plywood for the facing.

It is very good to be building again, and more so because it is the Bristol that I am working on.

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