Monday, August 11, 2014

Video from April 5th recovered

I just recovered two video clips that I had made on April 5th, the day of the knockdown of Ventura.  The weather and river all seem pretty reasonable at the time of the videos, which was just about noon by the time stamp.  It is kind of weird to see the whole thing, in motion, knowing what was about to take place.

I took the skiff out last week for another sail, this time on my own.  The wind was a bit flukey but I was able to tack back and forth across the lake a few times before I decided to stow the rig and just float around for a spell.  I think I am leaning toward just using the skiff for a rowing vessel.  It makes it all much simpler and I don't really enjoy dinghy style sailing all that much anyway.  Along with this I think that I will concentrate on getting the boats that are sailing vessels in order so that I can get out on them.

Rowing the skiff is quite enjoyable and not having the added weight of the mast and sail rig would make the launching process all the easier.

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