Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter is here

Possibly the coldest weather we have had in some time, record setting, of course it is.  I told people who had boats that if this year turns out to be a cold one the blame will lie with me for having put my boat in for the winter.  My Bad!
the icy river
I figure that I have finished the first part of my winter sailing season and that the second part is the freeze that will keep me from sailing.  The third part will be the thaw, in about a month or a little more.  Maybe it is a good time to start a build on a new boat.
The boat didn't get a circulator installed in its new berth and the stern is frozen in.  When I stepped aboard today the boat did not move an inch!  I had hoped to remove the rudder but it's is there to stay for a while.  I really don't think that it will suffer much in such a protected basin.  With ice like this the boat can't sink until spring time.
I doubt that there will be this
much fresh water 2 days from now when the lows are supposed to be
very low.
The cold has been so deep this year that I am a wee bit nervous about the boat, but having gone thru this before in another boat, I am trying to be calm about it.  It is true that the hull of Waneeshee, my Bristol 27 that got frozen in, is much thicker, but it didn't suffer at all from the event.
Almost don't need the floating docks,
you could just walk across the ice to the boat!
Always a new adventure. It is hard to believe that just a week ago I was sailing on soft water in pretty warm-ish weather, and now the river looks like it has more ice than water.  I am thinking a lot about the Florida Keys and the warm blue water.

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