Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Home is where the Boat is Blog!

I recently found out about a cruising couple who have a blog going about their adventures that began in 2013.  Lois and Astra are sailing aboard a John Hanna Tahiti Ketch.  I found out about them from OCH,(Off Center Harbor,Boat Videos, Wooden Boat Building | Sailing, Docking & Rowing a Boat) who caught up with them on their first day of the cruise, lucky that.  OCH made a little video of them and the first minute of it was what got my attention.  In that first minute they describe the Tahiti Ketch as being the VW bus of the sea!  I drive a VW bus, Vanagon actually, and love it, so why wouldn't I love the ocean going version of that?
They seem a lovely couple and they seem to have a lovely boat.  I wish them a lovely cruise.  Their blog site and logo are equally lovely.home is where the boat is
The blog of Louis and Astra aboard "Evelyn"
Lovely graphic and sentiment.

I read thru the blog yesterday and enjoyed it much.  The mistakes they have made seem small in the result and they have taught them the lessons they need to learn, the hard way granted, but still it is a way of learning that is hard to forget, and their tender to "Evelyn" will always bear the scars for a reminder.  Enough said.

I would suggest that you check out the blog if that kind of thing interests you, and you can do some vicarious adventuring from the comfort of your warm home this winter while these two young'ins get their feet wet, literally.  I believe it is Astra who is doing the writing, primarily and she is very good at it.  Seems to have a good balance between the events of the trip and informing us of the history of each place they visit, personal and more general.  The video on OCH is well done, of course, and inspires one to start making plans for some kind of adventure of ones own.

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