Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bottom's up

Today I got the bottom of Liz's boat cut out and attached.
bottom ready for attachment
 I set the remaining piece of plywood, 2'x8' , on top of the chines, clamped it down at the middle then traced out the shape on the outside.  Then I flipped it over and cut it out with the electric jig saw.  I cut just outside the line to leave some wood for trimming up and shaping later.  At the very middle of the boat the bottom is exactly as wide as the boat.

I was in a mood so I got to glueing it up right away.
Bottom glued and screwed to the chines
The weights were used to press the bottom down on the cross frames.  A screw every 6" and Gorilla glue should be more than sufficient to hold it on.
I am very happy about my choice of the bevel angle for the chine.  It seems spot on, the bottom sits very flat on the chine.

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