Monday, June 10, 2013

Another rainy day

Another rainy day makes for very leisurely work on the boat.  Today I caulked the seam between the stems and the sides on the inside, so that I might attach the breast hooks and not have to work around them later.
Seams caulked with clear (it dries clear) house caulk.
 I then proceeded to attach the breast hooks that are now shaped and sanded.  They are attached with 4 screws each and G-glue.  I probably should of varnished them before attaching but I do like to do things the hard way sometimes, or so it seems.

breast hook attached.  Note the shape of the stem.  I have since cut
down to the dado.
I also cut the stems down so that they are 2 inches proud of the sheer and matching the sheer line.  The cedar is such a soft wood and shapes easily, but that means it will also get abused easily.
Almost ready.
I guess next I will put in the inwales.  I decided to do them in sections so each side will have 5 separate pieces.  Once that is glued in place I will screw thru it to the gunnel.  This will keep the plywood and cedar sandwiched between the tougher yellow pine.

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