Thursday, January 12, 2012

wale of a good time

The last wale was attached yesterday.  It was the port gunwale lamination and I attached it to the hull the same way I did all the others and the chines, with Gorrilla glue laid on then spread with a putty knife to get good coverage.  I then lined up the marks I had made that located it's position to the hull, starting amid ships and working out to the stern, then going back and working fore ward.  I used 1inch sheet rock screws to attach it to the hull, and then clamped lightly between the screws any place that the joint seemed at all wide.
I will let this sit a day or so and then once the clamps are pulled remove excess glue.  At this point I can flip the boat over and start on attaching the bottom.
The bottom, so I have decided to use the same 4mm luan plywood for the bottom.  What this means is that I will definitely be putting in some framing and floors in the middle.  Along with the bulkheads fore and aft, the skeg and its inner false keel, and the strips of wood to each side of center on the bottom, I think he called them grounding strips, the overall affect should be a light, but strong hull.
I will have to buy one more piece of plywood for the decks.  There goes the budget.  I think that is now $70 invested,  not much considering the fun I have had doing the work so far, the learning, and the possibility that I may have a rowing boat that floats when all is said and done.

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