Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year

I have started out the new year by taking a little break in the building of the skiff.  Not that I haven't spent some considerable amount of time in the shop looking her over and wondering about things.

Would the Luan be strong enough to use on the bottom of the boat?

Would 1/4 inch ply, if I were to buy some, make the curve at the stern that is a little bit sharper with the mistake in measuring I made?

If I used the 4mm (luan) and installed floors to walk on would that due?

Where exactly do I want to put the bulkheads?

Seat box or traditional risers and thwarts?

Fortunately, I still have things to do before I get to the point that I have to make those decisions.

Actually, yesterday I finished the starboard gunwale installation and did the lamination of the wales on the port side.  That all seemed to go well enough, though I am becoming increasingly aware at my inexactness, or my 'Ce La Vie' attitude about tolerances and measurements.  I am realizing that I am the of the SureForm level of detail rather than the plane level, the pencil width, or there about rather than the micrometer.  I have built most of my furniture at home, but a cabinet maker I am not.  I am the type to look at cabinet makers, luthiers, boat builders, as demi-gods and I a mere mortal.

I did light up the wood stove last night as I was doing the wales.  Made the whole time even more enjoyable.

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