Thursday, October 13, 2016

Confluence of waters

I have been preoccupied by the idea of a particular little boat, for sometime now.  I made a chalk drawing of her.
I worked out the dimensions, I made some station frames and used some battens to lay it out in the shop, so that I could get a real sense of what she might be.
this was great fun.  I could actually lay down in the space I set up for a berth, sit in the cockpit, feel what it might be like to be aboard her.
This last issue of WOODEN BOAT MAGAZINE had a piece on a boat of almost identical dimensions, lines, and type.

I found this very interesting timing.  It is also was a bit reassuring to see that an established naval architect drew something very similar and that the boat was built and successful.

With what I have learned over the past month or so of sailing WHISP, I am even more interested in seeing this idea become a reality.
This excitement has spilled over into the project that is the remodel of WANEESHEE,  my Bristol 27, and I have recently made some real progress on her interior adjustments.  It's exciting to see the progress and it makes me happy to think about the occupation of the remaining projects to keep me busy thru out the winter.

I intend to finish sewing the jib for the skiff, though I believe that using it, and the rudder will be something I only due when another person is aboard, or in light air on mild days.  The addition line handling would make it a bit awkward by myself, and steering really is dead simple with the oars.

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