Monday, November 9, 2015

Double paddling

L.F.H.'s double paddle canoe?
While sitting in my fiberglass kayak, paddling upon a placid lake, surrounded by fire like Autumnal leaf expressions, I fantasize about the double paddle canoe/kayak I might build.  I pay attention to the boat I am in and all of it's positive attributes so that I might bring them to the boat that I might build.  I pay attention to the boat I am in and all of it's negative attributes so that I might avoid them in the the boat that I might build.
A ripple in the water disturbs my minds wanderings and I look down into the fresh clean water and see the small sunfish below.  It is as if I am flying above the underwater world of rocks and grass that is below the surface.   I wonder if those fish look up at me the same way I look up at the red tailed hawks and the turkey vultures that seem to be ever present in the skies here.
As I think about the boat I want to build and get excited at it's possibility I realize that I am, at that moment, in a boat, and in a wonderful and beautiful setting, easily paddling along, and wonder why it is that I want something more than what I have right at this moment.  In the next moment I know that I don't need anything more.
Oh I may yet build that other boat, but if it never happens I still have a boat, a good one, and the chance to use it, and that is certainly good enough, not just good enough, but really good.

"It is my opinion that the double paddle canoe gives the most fun for the money of any type of boat a person can poses"-L. Francis Herreschoff

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