Thursday, November 14, 2013

CYC, Contrarians Yacht Club!

The Flying Dutchman, 1896
Albert Pinkham Ryder, 1847-1917

In true contrarian form the CYC is not really a yacht club, as it does not have an actual physical club house or own any land or special rights to the water, and it doesn't have a membership other than myself!

I find that I almost always end up doing things contrary to convention, outside of  the normative way and therefore, often on my own.  It is not with a purpose other than to do what seems to me the most logical and effective and enjoyable way of going about something, but even so, I end up having to go against the tide, as it were.

So with my new found joy at having started my sailing season as most all of the other boats in the area have been hauled out, pressure washed, had engines winterized, as well as water systems, and then wrapped up in plastic to keep that put away damp perfume in them until springtime, when all that plastic that covers the plastic boats will be removed and thrown into a landfill, I have decided to initiate the CYC, The Contrarians Yacht Club.  It's membership, should anybody else be so perverse as to want to take part in this, will exist where it does and in no central location, but being that all the waters of the earth are connected, even the fresh water lakes thru condensation and rain, snow this way we are all connected.

Club logo and burgee design yet to be determined!  For that matter, the club charter is yet to be determined too, but in contrarian fashion, maybe we shall have no charter!  I would like a burgee though.

The motto of the club is "Simply Messing about with Convention, in boats", or something to that affect.  Really the idea is to get on the water when ever possible and to enjoy it.  The look of the vessel you choose to get out in is not as important as the fun & adventure it can provide.

Quotes from Famous former members of the CYC:

'Desperate affairs require desperate measures.'
Lord Nelson

'There is no way of dealing with the Frenchman  the establishment & wealthy Yachtsman but to knock him down – to be civil to them is to be laughed at. Why they are enemies!'
11 Jan 1798, Lord Nelson

Audre Lorde was not actually a sailor, as far as I know, but in contrarian fashion, she gets remembered here anyway because what she says makes sense!  Joshua Slocum might just be the best example of a CYC member.  Lord Horatio Nelson was very strong on duty to his nation, but he gets a place in the CYC for not being a wimp and not giving in.
I found this on the internet. Might be hard to read so this is what it says
"Wow, Look at that boat!"
"she's a racing machine"
"I'd sure like o have a boat like that"
"Wonder what the owner is doing today"
Another supreme example of a CYC member.
"A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what ships are for"
John Shedd, 1859-1928
“I am continuing non-stop because I am happy at sea, and perhaps because I want to save my soul.”
Bernard Moitessier, about resigning from the Sunday Times Golden Globe race.
So, I am embracing my seemingly constant tendency to sail to windward, go against the tide, wear unfashionable shoes, choose other peoples discards for my treasures,  row rather than motor, sail rather than motor, walk rather than motor, motor rather than fly, write rather than text, choose an alternate tuning........The Contrarian's Yacht Club is born!

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