Friday, October 25, 2013

Fabulous Fall

It's gotten a bit chilly out, but not down right cold yet.  The wind is good, gusty and there most all the time.  Today was my first time just being aboard Ventura doing not much of anything except enjoying the day, and sorting thru systems.  You might ask why I wasn't sailing if the wind was so good and I'd say that I almost was, but I hurt my back a few days ago and I am trying to recuperate.  Being that I am still sorting thru the boat I don't want to be in a compromised state if something goes wrong.
She looks worse for wear, but she'll clean up.
I put the yellow sail cover on the main today.  I don't like that color but it is the one it came with.  I brought it back home and need to improve the fastening system it has.  The one on it is to clumsy and piece made of plastic are broken.  I will replace it all with brass snaps that feed thru a grommet and then twist to lock.  It's what I have on my Bristol and works well enough.
It is impressive to me just how run down this boat looks.  The paint that was put on top of the gelcoat is stained, chipped, cracked, peeling and the masking was poor so it's splattered in places it shouldn't be.  The black waterline stripe is actually tape and is hiding a red stripe underneath.  The hull looks to have been damaged forward of the chainplates on the starboard side and the repair job is cracked.  Maybe they used polyester resin instead of epoxy.  What ever they did the top coat is flaking off.  You can see a big chip or two in the picture.  From the inside the hull looks good so I am not very worried.  It is nothing that can't be addressed next summer.
There are two sets of navigation lights on the boat.  The originals are small and in the deck while the aftermarket red/green is on the bow pulpit.  I pulled most of the wiring back and will re install it, better and neater, eventually.  There is an anchor light on the mast (score) as well as a steaming light,(extra points).  All yet to be rewired.

The boat was apparently rigged for racing with all the fairleads and cam cleats and labels for each line and cleat.  The hardware was not installed well but it's all paid for!!  I will remove most of it and simplify the rig for cruising/day sailing.  I don't have a spinnaker or pole anyway.
A good washing would do alot.
Sitting down below and watching the clouds scud past, I couldn't help but think the little bleak cabin cozy.  I should say that I couldn't help but think that it could be cozy, but even as barren as it was, it kept the wind and the cold that was just outside the companionway from spoiling the fun.  With one boat cushion to pad my back from the sharp edge of the "galley counter" I could recline and watch and hear the ducks, the crackling flags, the clanging halyards, and all the comings and goings of the marina.  I don't think anybody much noticed me.  This is not a boat people notice, or stop to look over.  I do though.  I walked down the dock to take a picture with my camera, and one with my mind to imagine what she might look like when she has had the makeover that happens with time to anything that is cared for.  I think all my boats start to look like "my boats", just as anybodies boat tends to reflect the person who is custodian to it.
Not very inviting is it?  Still,
it has potential.
I find it will be a challenge not to start in on the work to improve her right away.  I told myself that I must sail her for a time and then if we are a good match, I can go forward with the energy needed and the direction chosen for what she is to become.
I brought onboard a 10 foot long oar for sculling.  I will have to use it as an oar on onside until I get some kind of sculling notch set up on the stern.  I now have 2 pfd's on board and I have chosen not to bring home the main sail for a reef installation, yet.  A friend reminded me of the used sail market and this model should have some old sails out there somewhere.  I might even be able to trade the Buccaneer sail that came with the boat.
I will build a little table that folds up on the port side as well as a tray for the galley that will fit into the hole in the deck.  It can be a storage place for galley stuff and maybe even serve as a sink or stove place with some creative thinking.  I think a sleeping bag and a pad will do for overnight accommodations and a few solar charged flashlight/lanterns for cabin light, but maybe just a candle.
Even though I didn't sail today I did have a very good boating day, as the saying goes, simply messing about on a boat.

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